Time Lapse Video from the Pacific Northwest

Explorations in the hidden dynamics of light and motion

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A selection of compelling and iconic video imagery, especially featuring dynamic time lapse work from Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

The time lapse video work has its origin in thousands of individual photographs captured from some of the most compelling viewpoints in the region. After filming, the sequences from hours, days, weeks, and months are combined together in the HD video production. 

TimeFrames Video is the Pacific Northwest's preferred provider of time lapse video clips and complete collections for use in your own film, conference, presentation, or website. TFV offers over 700 selections spanning a wide range of subjects.

Our archive focuses on iconic and compelling time lapse footage of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest captured from optimal locations. Because we are Seattle based, we can offer imagery captured throughout the seasons and with the most dynamic lighting, weather, and movement.

These pieces highlight some of the extraordinarily beautiful natural dynamics of light, water, air, and mountains of this region. The time lapse process reveals some of the hidden motion and structure in our world that our eyes cannot see in ordinary time.

Projects / Clients
Our client list spans international broadcasters such as BBC, The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, and PBS, as well as independent documentary filmmakers and production companies.
BBC - UK | The Weather Channel | Discovery Channel | PBS | NBC Seattle - Evening Magazine | Corbis Motion | Museum of Modern Art, New York

Seattle Mariners | MOHAI Seattle Museum | NPR Science Friday | Windfall Productions UK | WebTuner | Legacy Filmworks, Vancouver

Red Lion Hotel Group | Edgewater Hotel | Stalkr Media Collective | Laramar Group | American Girl movie | University of Oregon

UFC Productions | Pioneer Productions | Positive Image Video

West by Northwest
I'm finally getting back into the studio after a spring and summer shooting hundreds of time lapse sessions around Seattle and the Cascades. This is the final edit for the TimeFrames Video 2013 showreel, Part 1. This reel is based on nearly 10,000 individual still shots in about 25 sequences, chosen to reflect some of the urban, maritime, and mountain landscapes of the Northwest that I love.
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Equipment used includes:
Canon 5d Mark II
Canon 17-40 f/4.0 L
Canon 24-105 f/4.0 L
Canon 70-200 f/4.0 L
Canon 50mm f/1.8
Software includes the wonderful Magic Lantern for the 5d Mark II

I have been shooting a series of night time lapse pieces (and dodging raindrops...) around Seattle this past fall and winter and this is the final edit - from about 8000 frames and 25 capture sessions...  
Equipment used includes:
Canon 5d Mark II
Canon 17-40 f/4.0 L
Canon 70-200 f/4.0 L
Canon 50mm f/1.8

TimeFrames - The Emerald City
Seattle is also known as the Emerald City. This new video piece is a showreel collection of Seattle sets over the last year. For this collection, I accelerated the time on each sequence by 2x or 3x.


These are some of my best time lapse sequences from these past winter months, mostly featuring locations from around the city and on the water. Yes, Seattle gets a lot of drizzle and overcast, especially in the winter, but it also gets some great light (briefly !) after the storms pass through.

For most photographers, the hours around dawn or dusk are the most exciting times of day. This new time-lapse piece is a collection of some of my favorite nightfall sequences of the past year, mostly shot around downtown Seattle.

Over the last year, I have been shooting thousands of timelapse sequence photographs of the inland sea known as Puget Sound or the Salish Sea. I've been watching the way that light moves across this glacier-carved waterway, and the way the clouds form and re-form dynamically. These are some of the best sequences from the last 12 months - watch for the glimmer of rainbow in the storm.